LiveClass ART01 // Automotive Sunsets from Camera to Completion

LiveClass ART01 // Automotive Sunsets from Camera to Completion

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NOTICE: This LiveClass was already streamed on December 17, 2017. Purchase of this LiveClass will provide you with an instantly accessible video recording in your customer account panel.  You will be able to hear all questions and answers via Ross' webcam that's shown alongside the full 4 and half hour class.

In LIVECLASS ART01 // AUTOMOTIVE SUNSETS FROM CAMERA TO COMPLETION Anthony Ross Tyler provides a workflow for creating an epic automotive sunset hero shot. Do you want to capture better in-camera exposures? Do you want to become a wizard at crafting light on location? Do you want to understand photographic theory in the areas of exposure, lighting and post-processing? This class breaks down all of these subjects and will teach you how to directly apply them to your automotive photography.

This 3-hour class is an in-depth study of one of Anthony Ross Tyler’s renowned multiple sky sunset shots (’67 Silver LSX Stingray). Including the in-camera techniques used on location and the post-processing techniques used to craft the final image.

What you can expect to learn in this class:

  • Planning the sunset shoot including sun trajectory, weather, horizon and other factors
  • Gear used and set up on location (including lens and focal length selection)
  • Shooting in Manual and understanding the exposure triangle, histogram and how to use them
  • Bracketing shots in manual to capture the ambient light for the car and the environment
  • How to capture the magic sunset moment or actually moments
  • Applying the theory of 3 point lighting and lighting ratios to automotive shoots
  • Using a CPL, strobes, softbox and ice-light to craft light
  • Editing & Selects - cutting out the shots you don’t need and selecting the ones you do
  • Pre-processing in Lightroom and assembly in Photoshop
  • Masking for the environment and masking for the car
  • Retouching the environment and the car
  • Advanced Luminosity Masking to create adjustments in contrast and tone
  • Ross’ “Black Magic Shadow Enhancement” technique to bring focus to the car and drama to the shot
  • Applying global color, local color and sun vs. shadow grading to get the “look”
  • File prep for delivery.

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