LiveClass 04 // The One Light Method
LiveClass 04 // The One Light Method
LiveClass 04 // The One Light Method
LiveClass 04 // The One Light Method

LiveClass 04 // The One Light Method

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This LiveClass has already streamed, but purchase will give you access to watch the recording and/or download the entire 4 hour class. The download also includes Pepper's Light Comparison chart, and the full .PSD of the edit that you will walk through in the class so you may review it on your own pace. 


You can experience a brand new class format in LiveClass 04 // The One Light Method! The first half of the 4 hour class was pre-recorded on location, during an actual photoshoot at the famous Gas Monkey Garage with their brand new Datsun build. Pepper Yandell goes over the different levels/budgets of lighting equipment, explains the pros and cons of all, and gives you a real world application of the various features such as TTL and High-Speed Sync and their uses on location.

After the recorded photoshoot video plays, Pepper will switch to a live stream to review and edit all of the images shot during the recording while teaching the best techniques and methods when it comes to blending one light for a smooth final result. A finished .PSD will be provided for you to download and review at your own pace after the class, as well as a comparison chart of a select group of lighting equipment.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The pros and cons to using different levels of lighting equipment (speedlite, AlienBees, Profoto B1)
  • The purpose and importance of every piece of equipment needed to use the one light method.
  • Learn the limitations and expectations to set when working with various clients on location.
  • How to examine the car and location and develop a plan for lighting the car.
  • Working with an assistant vs. shooting by yourself with a WiFi remote.
  • The differences between shooting and lighting cars indoors vs. outdoors.
  • How to properly build your final image in Photoshop with the base and lighting layers.
  • Creative techniques for blending the light layers together in Photoshop.
  • Delivering a final image, and an overview of the .PSD that's included for download with the class.

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