LiveClass 01 // Advanced Automotive Photoshop

LiveClass 01 // Advanced Automotive Photoshop

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NOTICE: This LiveClass was already streamed on November 12, 2017. Purchase of this LiveClass will provide you with an instantly accessible video recording in your customer account panel.  You will be able to hear all questions and answers via Pepper's webcam that's shown alongside the full 3 hour edit.

In LiveClass 01 // Advanced Automotive Photoshop Pepper Yandell covers the "basics" of his automotive photography workflow when it comes to creating composite motion images such as the Lamborghini edit shown. All methods and techniques will be explained in an easily approachable way; everyone from Photoshop beginner to Photoshop master will be able to follow along.

This 3 hour long class will follow this single "fake motion" or "VR" shot from start to finish. The below information is covered in this class:

  • What photos are taken on location.
  • Which photos are selected and why.
  • How all photos are brought into Photoshop and prepared.
  • Layer ordering/reasoning.
  • Basic photo correction and adjustments.
  • Advanced selection and masking techniques.
  • Compositing external lighting layers and blending modes.
  • Creating fake motion on background and wheel spin.
  • Special FX and atmospheric layers.
  • Preparing finished photo for export and upload.

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