LiveClass ART03 // Lit by Mother Nature
LiveClass ART03 // Lit by Mother Nature
LiveClass ART03 // Lit by Mother Nature

LiveClass ART03 // Lit by Mother Nature

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No lights allowed! Armed with only a camera, tripod, CPL, reflector and Photoshop/Lightroom, Ross will show you how to turn a “drop and shoot” situation into a dramatic commercial automotive shot. You will learn the whole process from selecting the best composition, camera placement and sun position, in-camera techniques to capturing natural light layers and how to use advanced LR/PS techniques to “light” the car with natural light. Ross will also teach you different approaches to removing objects (like parked cars and signs) to build the best backplate from your in-camera images.

This class will include a step by step start to finish look at a Camaro rooftop shot for Chevrolet Performance as well as other examples from his portfolio. Ross will also present theory about how light/shadow interact in the real world and how it will make or break your final image.  You will also learn directional masking techniques, applying frequency selection to create virtual studio lights, and color/contrast toning for natural light shots.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Gear used and set up on location
  • Mastering the CPL to craft light without lights
  • Composition and sun position
  • When and why to use a reflector or flag
  • Light and shadow theory and application
  • Editing & Selects - cutting out the shots you don’t need and selecting the ones you do
  • Pre-processing in Lightroom and assembly in Photoshop
  • Advanced Photoshop techniques to create “virtual lights” from natural light
  • Vehicle retouching for naturally lit paint, chrome, wheels and dealing with reflections
  • Advanced methods for cloning, replacing, removing and crafting the perfect backplate
  • Natural light color/contrast toning tools to create or enhance haze, ambiance, glow and more
  • Final image contrast toning, color grading, and detail sharpening

BONUS: Included free for download with this class is Ross’ “Luminosity Mask" custom photoshop actions that he uses in his work and this class. (See last product image)

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