LiveClass 05 // How to Shoot Black Cars
LiveClass 05 // How to Shoot Black Cars
LiveClass 05 // How to Shoot Black Cars

LiveClass 05 // How to Shoot Black Cars

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NOTICE: This LiveClass was already streamed, however purchase of this LiveClass will provide you with an instantly accessible video recording in your customer account panel.  You will be able to hear all questions and answers via Pepper's webcam that's shown alongside the full 3 hour edit.

The first section of this LiveClass was pre-recorded on location at Dubai Autodrome, where you can watch Pepper Yandell walk through in detail how to shoot black cars with LiveClass 05 // How to Shoot Black Cars! You will see Pepper working with both a satin black Lamborghini Aventador and all gloss black Lamborghini Huracan, both inside a busy dark garage, and then also outside. Due to the variations of cars, locations, and lighting scenarios presented in this class you will walk away with confidence and valuable knowledge required to effectively shoot one of the most difficult color of cars, black. 

After the recorded photoshoot video plays, Pepper will switch to a live stream to review and edit all of the images shot during the recording while teaching the best techniques and methods when it comes to editing black car photos. 

What you can expect to learn:

  • Best equipment to use and how to use it when it comes to shooting black cars.
  • The differences of working with a gloss black and satin black car.
  • Best practices when it comes to positioning a gloss or satin black car in terms of working with available lighting.
  • Working with difficult reflection locations such a busy garage, and tricks for accentuating body panels of a black car.
  • Layering multiple polarized photos of a black car and techniques for masking and blending them for a crisp outcome in Photoshop.
  • Specific body panel selections, reflection removal, repainting techniques, and techniques for accentuating dark or hidden body lines on a black car.
  • Photoshop techniques for getting a black car to pop from the background.
  • Best practices for delivering a clean final image to your client.