LiveClass 02 // Advanced Color Grading
LiveClass 02 // Advanced Color Grading
LiveClass 02 // Advanced Color Grading

LiveClass 02 // Advanced Color Grading

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NOTICE: This LiveClass was already streamed on November 12, 2017. Purchase of this LiveClass will provide you with an instantly accessible video recording in your customer account panel.  You will be able to hear all questions and answers via Pepper's webcam that's shown alongside the full 3 hour edit.

In LiveClass 02 // Advanced Color Grading Pepper Yandell will provide a FULL breakdown of all of the various color grading techniques he's developed over his photography career. Every photo, location, and car provides very unique challenges and requires different methods. Several different photos with different cars will be color graded from start to finish to ensure whoever attends/watches this class will walk away with a solid understanding of how to handle a wide range of situations. 

What you can expect to learn in this class:

  • Basic color adjustment methods in Photoshop.
  • How to handle low light night time shots vs natural light sunlight shots.
  • Working with black/white cars vs working with brightly colored cars.
  • Advanced paint correction/masking.
  • Hand brushing/painting over body panels using advanced masking techniques.
  • Removing extremely difficult reflections/specular highlights.
  • Optimizing colors for web usage.
  • Advanced adjustment layers and blending modes and proper layer order.
  • Final FX touches and Photoshop + Lightroom workflow.
  • Preparing photos for upload.

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